Alone for the Holidays


Alone for the holidays on Single Again! Now What? on Divorce Source RadioThis show begins with frustration.  Steve was trying to help Joanie log on to Google’s Hangout for our first video podcast.  Joanie couldn’t seen to work things out on her end bringing back the frustration Steve used to have with his no-tech ex.  After an hour, they trash the idea and go back to using Skype.  Have you ever argued with a partner over computer problems?  Then you’ll relate to this segment.

Alone for the holidays on Divorce Source RadioTis the season to prepare for the holidays, and for some, the holiday season can be a depressing time.  Joanie offers tips on for those that find themselves alone for the holidays.  Steve shares a sad story from a past show of a man who was so depressed that he was planning suicide.

The dynamic duo also touch on Joanie’s obsession for decorating for the holidays and plans for Thanksgiving.  The Single Again! posse is thankful that you are part of our community and we wish you the happiest holiday season.

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