Between the Sheets – Sex and the Solo Mama


At some point after divorce, mom will start to feel sexual again. That’s a good sign. It means she’s healing and on her way to wholeness. Unfortunately, because there’s so much sexual shaming and mixed messages in our society about sex and divorced moms, divorced moms will often distort their sexuality (meaning inappropriate and risky sex), or limit themselves to unloving relationships or shut down their sexual sides all together. This doesn’t serve anybody. We are meant to be whole, and sex is a part of that wholeness. Divorced, not dead.

There’s a better way. In this program, Divorce Coach, Jeanie Rule explains that when a mother can understand, embrace and integrate her unique sexual self into her divorced-mom life, then she’s able to tap into the special sparks that good sexuality brings to all of us – better health, emotional well-being, creativity, connection to others, confidence, vitality.

For more information, visit: www.SoloMama.com.

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