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Divorcing with Good Karma

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Positive. Life-enhancing. Enlightening. Compassionate. These words are seldom associated with divorce. Words that typically come to mind are: Painful. Agonizing. Resentful. Bitter.  Our guest, domestic relations judge and best selling author Judge Michele Lowrance enlightens listeners how people can attain a positive outlook, achieve forgiveness, and move on with a mended soul (  Judge Lowrance has learned that there’s a better way to handle divorce. So she came up with a plan to turn the negatives of divorce into positives. She explains the program in her book, The Good Karma Divorce: Avoid Litigation, Turn Negative Emotions into Positive Actions, and Get On with the Rest of Your Life.

Topics in this program include:

  • On court: An understanding what the court system can and cannot do – it can’t rescue you, but perhaps it can encourage forgiveness.
  • On children: Ordinary parenting is not enough; parents need to adopt wisdom building skills for heroic parenting. Justice Lowrance asks:  “What is more important for you to be right, or for your children to be happy?”
  • On forgiveness: In the beginning, you won’t be ready to forgive. At this stage it is fine to let your emotions steep and give them room to breathe. Treat them like a flu that has to run its course. There is a necessary gestation period between anger and forgiveness.
  • Creating your soul searching party: developing your Personal Manifesto
  • The crucial things you have to know about having the “divorce conversation” with your soon to be former partner. 
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Roughly two million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals in the United States have married someone of the opposite sex.  When these partners come out of the closet, one third of these relationships break up right away, a third stay together for a year and then separate, and another third commit to making it work – although three years later, only half of this last group of relationships are still intact. Our guest Amity Buxton. Ph.D. , discusses the grieving and healing process the straight spouse experiences upon learning of this revelation.  To read more about this topic, Deborah writes about it in

Topics include:

  • When a spouse comes out how it impacts the family
  • The six stages of recovery
  • Children’s reaction to a their parents disclosure
  • Understanding the healing journey
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Through a frank conversation about life and book, The Look of Love (, Jill Egizii tells the story of a bitter divorce which rages into full scale warfare, and how the father uses the children as ammunition.  Is the shield of a mother’s love enough to save her children?  Or is it already too late.  We explore the effects of parent alienation on the family; the children, and the targeted parent.   This is a heart wrenching interview, in which Jill Egizii shares her personal experience of being a targeted parent which ultimately caused her to lose a close and loving relationship with her children.  Jill has put her heart and soul into helping others cope through the annihilation of a formerly positive relationship with one’s children. 

Topics in this program include:

  • An explanation and awareness of Parent Alienation Syndrome
  • How to recognize the signs of being a targeted parent
  • Support systems available for the alienated parent
  • Steps parents should take if they think they are being alienated from their children
  • The personal story of an alienated parent, who details her losing battle to save the relationship she once had with her children. 
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There are many myths and misconceptions about what goes on in a Court Room.  When it comes to justice, all too often couples are disappointed by the outcome – and end up with large legal bills, family drama which causes an all out war, and a resolution that leaves couples disillusioned. 

Our guest, Justice Harvey Brownstone, a sitting court judge, best-selling author of Tug of War, and host of Family Matters TV (; helps us understand what really goes on inside the court room, and a judge’s mind.  Justice Brownstone has been called  a maverick judge who is a pioneer that is unilaterally changing the public image of the judiciary.

This honest and thought provoking interview will change the way you think about litigation, and how you work through the divorce process. We are fortunate to have Justice Brownstone share his thoughts and enlighten listeners as to what really goes on in Court, and what really matters. 

Topics in this program include:

  • The impact of litigation on the family
  • What is really in your children’s best interest
  • The importance of a legal consultation
  • A frank discussion about divorce, relationships and so much more
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(Episode #1 – The Smart Divorce Radio Program with Deborah Moskovitch on Divorce Source Radio)

Help, I think my marriage is over, now what should I do?

 Is divorce always the outcome when there is conflict in the marriage?  Of course not, there are options to consider, and help available to put your marriage back on track.  This episode explores the role of marriage counseling, and the next steps required if the marriage results in divorce.  Once the decision to divorce is made, there are many considerations and issues to ponder.  Our guest, psychologist Dr. Robert A. Simon provides us with tips and strategies for getting through the early days of separation with your sanity and dignity intact.  

 Topics in this program include:

  • The benefits of marriage counseling
  • Building your support network
  • Finding a therapist
  • Telling your children about divorce
  • Emotional healing and coping strategies
  • And so much more……..
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