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Tom Cruise is discussed on Divorce Source RadioThe Single Again! Now What? gang are back with another fun and insightful episode covering a ton of topics.

CBS Daytime TVThe show begins with a search for an older couple considering divorce but finds themselves asking the question, what’s the point at my age?  It’s called the Gray Divorce, older couples divorcing, and it’s on the rise.  The producer of a new CBS daytime talk show is looking for an older couple considering divorce but finds themselves asking the same question, why now and is it worth it?  We provide details on how a couple in this situation can connect with this new show and be flown to Los Angles, California, all expenses paid, for the taping of this show.

Other topics in the program include:

  • Drinking at a company function
  • Little League Player Evaluations and the “Hot Mom” coaches rule.
  • Listener email
  • The front we put on when we meet a new love interest
  • Couples that decide to separate instead of divorce. How do you tell your new partner your single when legally, you’re not.
  • How men keep a mistress
  • Finding out your spouse is gay
  • and much more.

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