Conscious Living During Divorce: The Key to Positive Change


(Listener Note: This is Episode #6 of this ten-part series by Shelley Stile. To take full advantage of this series, please listen to the episodes in their proper order).

In this episode of Divorce Recovery, Divorce/Life Coach, Shelley Stile teaches us how not to distort the reality of our situation.

When we are living our lives in a state of true awareness wherein we are truly conscious of our actions, we can free ourselves from reactive, self defeating behavior and realize our personal best. Unfortunately, although we may think that we make conscious decisions; in reality our unconscious mind impacts our behavior. Our actions are therefore not truly under our control. We can learn to recognize the unconscious, that part of our mind that has great power over much of our actions without us even being aware of its existence. In doing so, we can diminish its power over us.

When we live on a conscious level, we are as alert to what is happening as a deer in the woods who hears something unknown. We insure that our actions, our decisions, our communications are not influenced by the myriad filters we apply to life. We don’t look through rose colored or black glasses; we choose to look through crystal clear ones that do not distort reality.

In this program we learn how to recognize when we slip into unconsciousness, thereby training ourselves to be more and more conscious of what is really happening. We free ourselves from, doing the same things over and over again. We learn from our heightened sense of awareness. We begin to see things differently, in a much more objective and clear way.

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