Learning from Past Mistakes and Moving On to Healthy New Relationships



In episode #3 of Beyond Divorce, Susan Pease Gadoua discusses Not Missing the Lessons from Past Relationships & How to Not Make the Same Mistakes – Regardless of what went wrong in the marriage or past relationships, YOU were part of the equation.

The “stories” we have about what went wrong in past relationships are revealing as to where our unhealed wounds reside. If you don’t work on healing them, they will show up in the next relationship too!

This program will help you better understand and identify patterns that may not have served you in past relationships and suggests how to do your inner work so that you can avoid these behaviors from resurfacing again in future relationships.

  • Learn the three reasons why people are attracted to each other and stay together
  • Learn the three dynamics at work in steering the relation-ship
  • Learn the three steps in breaking unhealthy relationship dynamics
  • Learn better communication skills and how to not shut your partner out during an argument
  • And much more
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