DivorceIn this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, we introduce our listeners to a new online resource for divorce.  was the brainchild of a group of friends who has each been touched by divorce.  After having  found that there is no single reliable, full-service resource to get advice, support, and empowerment from professionals and peers, they banded together to help others navigate the uncharted, and sometimes rough, seas.

LifeThruDivorce Divorce Source RadioExperts providing content to LifeThruDivorce include attorneys, financial planners, family therapists, mediators, realtors, travel agents, and much more. The website has resources designed to help you, regardless of the stage of the divorce process in which you find yourself, including content for parents to help identify and address their child’s emotions, stress, and acceptance.

In this program, we’re joined by LifeThruDivorce partners, Perri Teitelbaum and Michelle Zudeck.  Later in the show, we’re joined by a contributor to the site, advisor Julie Arkush.

To check out the website and learn more, visit:

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