Spring Open Forum on Single Again! Now What?


Spring has sprung, and Joanie in Massachusetts, Lesley in Atlanta, and Steve in Detroit are lovin’ it!

We’re calling this episode our Spring Open Forum as we touch on a ton of topics.  We talk about disappointments when life doesn’t go your way. We then shift into sports, and as it turns out, Joanie and Lesley are avid sports fans.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Do men prefer women who like sports?
  • Do men like to shop, and how do you shop for a man?
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy thoughts from last week’s show
  • Does sex bring you closer to your mate?
  • How would you feel if your ex died?

We’re like a tennis ball at Wimbledon, changing topics left and right.  Don’t forget to visit our new Facebook page and “Like” us. Email questions, comments, or show suggestions to, or phone them in to our listener line, at (248) 686-2256.

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