The Anatomy of An Affair – Part 5


David Feder on affairsPart 5 of our series, The Anatomy of An Affair continues with David Feder.

Listener note: This is Part 4 of this series, and if you are finding this program through our archive directory, iTunes or Stitcher Radio, it is advised you begin with program 1 and follow the podcasts in their original order.

Affairs, divorceIn this episode, David answers questions on might have if they have been involved in an affair such as:

•    Should I agree to therapy with my partner if he hasn’t ended his affair yet?
•    What is the best way to end my affair with my Affair Partner?
•    How do I make my partner feel safe when he/she pushes me away.  It’s frustrating and I am feeling hopeless.  I can’t seem to do anything right.
•    How do I rebuild trust after an affair?  Are there steps to follow?
•    What about sex after an affair?  I don’t feel like it but I’m afraid if I say no, it will be my fault that my partner goes back to his Affair Partner?
•    What is Forgiveness?
•    Should I tell my children about the affair?
•    Affairs in the workplace – What do I do if you both work at the same company?

For more on David Feder, visit: www.MyLifeAfterAn Affair.com.

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