The Role of a Family Court Judge


Divorce Source RadioIn this program recorded at The Divorce Expo in Novi, Michigan, DSR Legal Correspondent Henry Gornbein and Steve Peck speak with Family Court Judge Connie Kelley who is currently running for state Supreme Court Justice.

Judge Connie Kelley for Supreme Court

Judge Connie Kelley

Citizens enter judge Kelley’s courtroom with difficult, complex problems. It is her responsibility to solve those problems without bias, giving equal consideration to both the defendant and plaintiff. Judge Kelley is focused on letting both sides of the argument be heard, and then applying the law based on the facts presented. It is her philosophy that practical resolutions can often be reached without lengthy, expensive, and adversarial legal battles.

Judge Kelley talks about what it’s like to be a judge and shares how she attempts to help divorcing couples separate peacefully for the sake of their children.  In her job she sees much pain but realizes that much of it may be self-inflicted.  She also shares tips on having a more peaceful divorce. After listening, you’ll have a better understanding for the role of a family court judge.

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