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Impact of Internet Indiscretions and Text Messages During Divorce

By admin

New communications technology has changed the way many divorce cases are tried these days.

Prior to the internet with its chat rooms and pornography, social media websites, such as Facebook, and cell phones with text messaging, proving a partner’s infidelity or financial indiscretions was a difficult task.

Today, it’s quite common during a divorce to subpoena the contents of a spouse’s computer, cell phone records and text messages.  You’ve probably heard of politicians and celebrities being brought down, in part, by what was discovered in their email, text messages or internet browsing history.

In today’s program, family law attorney, Henry Gornbein, and I discuss the fall-out of today’s technology and address how the discovery of this information can affect a marriage and, ultimately, a divorce.

We’ll take a look at this from a legal perspective pertaining to your right to privacy, and we’ll provide strong advice regarding the use of this new communications medium during a divorce.

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