Divorcing with Good Karma


Positive. Life-enhancing. Enlightening. Compassionate. These words are seldom associated with divorce. Words that typically come to mind are: Painful. Agonizing. Resentful. Bitter.  Our guest, domestic relations judge and best selling author Judge Michele Lowrance enlightens listeners how people can attain a positive outlook, achieve forgiveness, and move on with a mended soul (  Judge Lowrance has learned that there’s a better way to handle divorce. So she came up with a plan to turn the negatives of divorce into positives. She explains the program in her book, The Good Karma Divorce: Avoid Litigation, Turn Negative Emotions into Positive Actions, and Get On with the Rest of Your Life.

Topics in this program include:

  • On court: An understanding what the court system can and cannot do – it can’t rescue you, but perhaps it can encourage forgiveness.
  • On children: Ordinary parenting is not enough; parents need to adopt wisdom building skills for heroic parenting. Justice Lowrance asks:  “What is more important for you to be right, or for your children to be happy?”
  • On forgiveness: In the beginning, you won’t be ready to forgive. At this stage it is fine to let your emotions steep and give them room to breathe. Treat them like a flu that has to run its course. There is a necessary gestation period between anger and forgiveness.
  • Creating your soul searching party: developing your Personal Manifesto
  • The crucial things you have to know about having the “divorce conversation” with your soon to be former partner. 
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