Questions Regarding Alimony (Video)

alimony questions on Divorce Source RadioThe questions regarding alimony below are answered by Michigan family law attorney, Henry Gornbein.  Some of these answers are applicable in other states as well, but laws do differ stat-to-state.  You are advised to use these answers as a guide only, and encouraged to check with a local attorney for the exact law in your state.

Questions Regarding Alimony

Can a court award two kinds of alimony at the same time in Michigan?

Can a person insert an anti-modification of alimony clause in the property settlement agreement in Michigan?

Can a person limit their exposure to alimony by having a prenuptial agreement in Michigan?

Can a spouse be awarded temporary alimony during the pendency of the divorce proceeding in Michigan?

Can a supporting spouse be compensated for increasing the earning capacity via education of the other spouse?

Can alimony be awarded during a domestic violence hearing in Michigan?

Can alimony be reinstated after its termination due to cohabitation in Michigan?

Can I get alimony in Michigan if I have a common law marriage?

Can I renegotiate the length of time I receive alimony in Michigan?

Can I revise how my settlement agreement characterizes my payment for tax purposes?

Can my ex-wife collect back alimony when she did nothing about my non-payment for several years?

Can Registered Domestic Partners (RDPs) claim alimony payments on their federal and state tax returns?

How can I distinguish alimony from child support in Michigan?

How can I obtain a tax deduction for a support payment?

How do I get monthly support payments resumed and collect back support in Michigan?

How do stock options impact alimony, separate maintenance. and child support in Michigan?

How does marital fault affect alimony in Michigan?

How does permanent spousal support work in Michigan?

How is the amount of temporary alimony determined in Michigan?

I get family support from my former spouse. Is that considered taxable income?

If a spouse retires, does this constitute a change in circumstances to justify a termination of alimony in Michigan?

Is a severance paycheck subject to spousal support in Michigan?

Is alimony ordered in Michigan when one spouse supported the other spouse through school?

My ex-spouse threatened to file for bankruptcy. What happens to my payments in Michigan?

Under what circumstances would a Michigan court award lifetime alimony?

What change in circumstances will support a petition for modification of alimony in Michigan?

What does double dipping mean in regards to alimony?

What factors does the court consider in determining alimony in Michigan?

What if my ex-spouse is delinquent in alimony payments. What can I do in Michigan?

What impact could my dating have on post-separation support and alimony in Michigan?

What is alimony in gross?

What is limited duration alimony?

What is permanent alimony?

What is post-separation support?

What is rehabilitative alimony?

What is transitional alimony?

When can spousal support be ordered in Michigan?

When does alimony get paid in Michigan?

When does alimony stop in Michigan?

Who can tell me how much alimony I have to pay in Michigan or how much I should receive?

Who is considered the dependent spouse in Michigan?

Who pays taxes on spousal support in Michigan, the payer spouse or the payee spouse?

Why am I not receiving the full amount of the ordered child support or alimony?

Will I have to pay my ex-wife her alimony arrearage after remarrying and divorcing again?

Will my husband’s savings be taken into account in determining his alimony obligation in Michigan?

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