Questions Regarding Grandparents Rights (Video)

Grandparents Rights questions on Divorce Source RadioThe questions regarding Grandparents Rights below are answered by Michigan family law attorney, Henry Gornbein.  Some of these answers are applicable in other states as well, but laws do differ stat-to-state.  You are advised to use these answers as a guide only, and encouraged to check with a local attorney for the exact law in your state.

Questions Regarding Grandparents Rights:

Can a grandparent ever get custody of a grandchild against a natural parent in Michigan?

Can grandparents adopt their grandchildren?

Can parents deny grandparent visitation in Michigan?

Do grandparents have any rights of custody or visitation with their grandchildren?

Do great-grandparents have visitation rights?

How can I file for grandparent rights in Michigan?

How can I legally reconnect with my estranged grandchildren?

How can I make sure I can see my grandchild?

How can parents protect their children from unfit grandparents?

How do courts determine whether grandparents get visitation?

I am a grandparent and am being refused permission to see my grandchildren. Is there anything I can do in Michigan?

Is a notarized letter enough for custody of my grandchildren?

Once I have a contact order, must my grandchild’s guardian allow me access to my grandchild?

What are grandparents rights?

What are the rights of grandparents who temporarily care for their grandchildren?

What factors are considered for grandparent visitation and custody?

What legal rights do step-grandparents have?

What requirements are there for awarding grandparents visitation or custody?

What rights do grandparents have?

What states have grandparents rights laws?

When can grandparents exercise their rights?

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