Questions Regarding Domestic Violence (Video

Domestic Violence questions on Divorce Source RadioThe questions regarding Child Support below are answered by Michigan family law attorney, Henry Gornbein.  Some of these answers are applicable in other states as well, but laws do differ stat-to-state.  You are advised to use these answers as a guide only, and encouraged to check with a local attorney for the exact law in your state.

Questions Regarding Domestic Violence:

After a judge rendered a decision on the petition, what happens next?

Are same-sex partners eligible for family abuse protective orders?

Can a woman be charged with domestic violence in Michigan?

Does domestic assault and battery apply to same-sex couples?

How big a problem is domestic violence?

How can a protective order help?

How can I get a protective order in Michigan?

How can I protect myself in Michigan from a husband who abuses me?

How does domestic violence affect children?

I have a protective order against my ex-husband, but he continues to call me and harass me. What can I do?

I think I am in an abusive relationship. What should I do?

Is domestic violence a crime punishable under criminal law in Michigan?

What are legal remedies for domestic violence in Michigan?

What are some of the defenses for domestic violence or spousal abuse in Michigan?

What happens when someone calls the police in Michigan for domestic violence?

What is a protective order?

What is child neglect?

What is domestic violence?

What kinds of actions are considered domestic violence in Michigan?

Who can file for a protective order in Michigan?

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