Questions Regarding Marriage Law (Video)

Marriage Law questions on Divorce Source RadioThe questions regarding Marriage Law below are answered by Michigan family law attorney, Henry Gornbein.  Some of these answers are applicable in other states as well, but laws do differ stat-to-state.  You are advised to use these answers as a guide only, and encouraged to check with a local attorney for the exact law in your state.

Questions Regarding Marriage Law:

Are parties to a marriage responsible for separate debts incurred during the marriage?

Are there any special requirements for those individuals who have been previously married?

Can a prenuptial/postnuptial agreement decide future child support?

Can a spouse be dropped from health insurance if they are still married?

Can a spouse refuse to sign divorce papers in Michigan?

Can anyone get married to anyone?

Can two people enter into an agreement about expense sharing if they are not married?

Can you get a divorce if you are pregnant?

Can you marry your fiance if his wife refuses to give him a divorce?

Do married people own each other’s property in Michigan?

Does Michigan allow common law marriages?

Does a married couple have to live apart to get a divorce in Michigan?

How can I obtain a copy of my marriage certificate in Michigan?

If we marry in a non-community property state and move to a community property state, what is the status of the pre-wedding debts?

Is a marriage ceremony required?

Is my marriage in another state or foreign country legal?

May married people open credit accounts that are not also in their spouses’ names?

May wives and husbands sue each other?

Should I get credit in my own name, even though I am married?

What are the differences in legal rights and benefits for those in a civil union vs. a marriage?

What are the legal and economic benefits of marriage?

What are the legal requirements for marriage?

What is a common law marriage?

What is a postnuptial agreement?

What is a prenuptial or ante nuptial agreement?

What is marital property?

What is necessary to make a prenuptial agreement valid in Michigan?

What will happen to my property after I file for divorce in Michigan?

Who can perform a marriage ceremony?

Who is responsible for debts incurred before the marriage?

Who should file in an uncontested divorce in Michigan?

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