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Purchasing a Home with Bad Credit

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Many times after a divorce you are forced into moving into an apartment or rental property because you have less than perfect credit or have suffered bankruptcy.

Larry Williams

Larry Williams

In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, Larry Williams joins us with information on a new program that can make purchasing a home with bad credit possible even if you have a bad credit score or bankruptcy.

Learn more about Larry’s Purchase-Lease program in this podcast.  For more information on Larry Williams, visit:

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DSRwithSP_AlbumIn episode 11 of The Anatomy of an Affair, David Feder discusses why your heart can’t be two places at the same time during an affair.

Comparing your partner to the affair partner is an unfair comparison that will either create more confusion for you or keep you stuck.  You will not discover why you are where you are.  Your heart cannot be in two places at the same time and your partner will almost always come up wanting in any comparison test.  Instead it will be more helpful if instead of directing blame onto your spouse, you focus on yourself and become more aware of your beliefs, values and needs.

David Feder

David Feder

The way a person feels when in an affair will almost always trump feelings had in a long-term relationship.  An affair is a fantasy built on a foundation of secrecy, exclusive focus and excitement.  Absent are the financial and childcare responsibilities that often distract committed partners from one another and robs the committed relationship of passion.  Hence, the affair will often appear more exciting and leave participating partners thinking that they finally met someone who truly understands.  But, do they?

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Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

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DSRwithSP_AlbumEpisode #9 of The Anatomy of an Affair with Steve Peck and David Feder is about how couples can continue the process of rebuilding trust after an affair when they are faced with a particular challenge such as a business conference, or a business trip.

building-trust-concept-370x229In the example discussed, David talks about a situation where the spouse who had an affair has to attend a 3-day business conference where the “affair” partner will be present.  Steve Peck and David Feder have an interesting and dynamic discussion about how a couple can go about planning for the conference in such a way that addresses the needs of the hurt partner and the participating partner.


David Feder

David Feder cites Tessa Bonhomme (former player on Canada’s Women’s National Hockey Team) who said, “For me it’s being a part of something bigger than yourself”.  David says Tessa Bonhomme’s quote applies to relationships and in particular to rebuilding trust after a betrayal.  Listen in to learn how.

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The Other Man or Woman in an Affair

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SteveOnDSRalbum4In episode #8 of The Anatomy of an Affair with David Feder, we take a look at the “other” man or woman who became involved with your partner.

How could another woman or man become involved with someone who was a relationship with someone else who had potentially been married for years and with children? 

affair_2_1This show helps us to better understand what the person who was involved in the affair and potentially breaking apart a family was thinking.  How could they knowingly become involved in this situation?  Perhaps they were being misled by the person in the relationship telling them their marriage really wasn’t working and that they were planning on getting divorced. 

And what if you’re having an affair and decide to divorce and be with your affair partner only to discover that months or a few years later the person you left your family for decides they no longer want to be with you?  And if someone entered into an affair with you what are the chances that they might leave you for yet another affair?

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Divorce During The Holidays – “Best of DSR”

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Divorce During the HlidaysHappy Holidays from Divorce Source Radio. So what’s to be happy about you ask.  I know things may be very rough for you right now, but I want you to understand I have been there and gotten beyond that.

I’m re-airing this show I did going on five years ago when I went through my own divorce.  It was all happening during the holidays and I reached out to psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg to help others like me cope with our first holiday alone.  This has been one of the most listened to programs on Divorce Source Radio and is my gift to you.  I hope this program, Divorce During The Holidays helps you.  – Steve Peck, Founder & Host, Divorce Source Radio.

The holidays can be a challenging time for families going through divorce. We have these images of perfect family holidays, yet your own family is coping with a situation that is anything but perfect. In this program, psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg, provides advice to help get you through the holidays.

This Program Covers:

  • Dealing with ALL Holidays including: Christmas, Hanukkah , Easter, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations
  • How to deal with your feelings and emotions during this trying time
  • Understanding issues your children may be dealing with during the Holiday season
  • Dividing parenting time between you and your ex
  • Tips for Holiday parties and gatherings to ease the stress
  • Is it proper to begin dating around the Holidays

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Being Alone for The Holidays

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David Feder on affairsThe Anatomy of An Affair series with David Feder continues with Being Alone for The Holidays in Episode #7.

For many the significance of the Holiday Season is a combination of religious significance, gift-giving and reconnecting with friends and family.  But after an affair, what once seemed easy is now more complicated.  What is the right kind of gift to buy and what message do I want to give are now questions that need to be considered?  While we once looked forward to spending time together this year we worry about how to manage the awkwardness that may exist.

alone-at-christmasAnd what about the kids, don’t they deserve to have a good Holiday Season?  This is the time of year when some anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus, they look forward to spending time with parents, extended family and friends and they wonder whether the gift they so desire will be waiting for them.

How you spend time is not an all or nothing proposition and it is often best to give each other permission to have some alone time apart from one another.  Of course this requires trust that the partner who cheated is not going to use that their alone time to visit with their affair partner.  If this is still a concern then spending time together may not be a good idea and you should reconsider whether spending any time together during the holiday season is a good idea.

David offers advise and hope in this episode or The Anatomy of An Affair.   For more on David, visit:  Make the best of your holidays.  We wish you the best.  For more programs on divorce and life after divorce, visit

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Dreams During Divorce – What Do They Mean?

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SteveBanner2If you’re going through a divorce or post divorce and finding it hard to sleep and having a hard time understanding your dreams, you’re not alone. 

Stop_Bad_DreamsOn this episode titled Dreams During Divorce on Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, Dream analyst, Patricia Baker joins us to help us better understand what’s happening in our dream world. Patricia helps us understand our dreams and shows us how we can use them to learn from our past and empower our future.


Patricia Baker

Patricia studied with numerous dream experts including Native American Medicine men and women, and was in private practice for twenty years.  Her new book titled Dream Comm is now available and a “must read” to help you understand your dream state.

For more on Patricia Baker, visit:

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The Anatomy of An Affair – Part 6

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Transformation from a Participating Partner to a Successful Rebuilder

affairDavid Feder on affairsIn this episode David Feder focuses on the PARTICIPATING PARTNER and the guidelines the person who cheated MUST follow in order to become a SUCCESSFUL REBUILDER.

The difference between the IMPOSTER who says he or she wants to heal and the PARTICIPATING PARTNER who doesn’t just talk but is willing to WALK THE TALK is committing to a series of guidelines that makes recovery possible.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Do lie detector tests work and should they be used
  • How to help your spouse heal from an affair
  • How to become a successful relationship REBUILDER

For more on David Feder, visit: www.MyLifeAfterAn

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Divorce Source Radio Update

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SteveBanner2Listeners have written in and asked where we’ve been.  Steve explains in this episode.

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Conscious Dating After Divorce

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SteveBanner2In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, we explore what Freud called “the unconscious” –  the collection of repressed thoughts, wishes, fantasies and drives, many of which have an aggressive quality. What is the relevance? Inside these unconscious conflicts lies the answer to why we are attracted to and or seem to attract a certain kind of person.

Elizabeth Tupling

Elizabeth Tupling

The show is called Conscious Dating and our guest is Elizabeth J. Tupling, MS, TLLP is a psychotherapist specializing in individual, and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

For  the person who is wondering why they are always drawn to the “bad boy” or “bad girl”, the addict, the emotionally and or legally unavailable person, it’s important to “open up the hood and look underneath”.   What we’ll usually find is a long standing, established pattern of being attracted to the same kind of person, and not knowing why.  Like a moth to a flame, we drift toward exactly what we consciously know is not healthy for us – it’s a real primitive, primal process that originates in early “imprinting” in the brain.  This imprinting creates an unconscious definition of how relationships should feel for us – good or bad.

The challenge for the listener is to examine what feels “good” in the early stages of an attraction.  And if the person is doing a truthful inventory of these feelings they might find that subtle cues of rejection, the need to chase, dismissal of one’s needs, justification of disrespectful behaviors, all feel vaguely familiar, comfortable and worse off, comforting.  Doesn’t make sense does it?  It usually doesn’t, it’s unconscious.

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