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January 2010

Host, Steve Peck's Story - Part 1

Listeners have been asking about my divorce and now, since my divorce has be completed, I am finally able to talk about it.  It is my sincere hope that some listeners will be able to learn from my very sad situation.

Parental Alienation

A parent inducing P.A.S. will stage false allegations of abuse against the non-favored parent in an effort to deflect attention away from their abuse of the child(ren) and to further frustrate visitation and time sharing.

What isn't understood is how quickly P.A.S. can develop in the context of a divorce and how heart wrenching and difficult it is to prove to the court that a child is being abused with parental alienation.

In this program, Joe Goldberg, a leading expert in the field of P.A.S. describe this syndrome an shares advice on how to protect yourself and children from going thorough this. Visit:

The Smart Divorce

Deborah Moskovitch,  joins us from Toronto to discuss her new book The Smart Divorce.

Deborah's own divorce took her seven years to close the file on her case. Deborah now helps others  through her book, seminars and  as a divorce consultant to avoid the pitfalls of a divorce, both legally and emotionally.  This is a "must hear" program for anyone entering the divorce process.

Deborah's Website: www.TheSmartDivorce.com


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