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All Divorce Source Radio programs will be archived on this page providing our listeners with a valuable source of information relating to their current situation, whether pre, during or post divorce.

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Program #22  Bankruptcy During Divorce

It used to be that courts would assist in dividing a couples assets during a divorce, but during these tough economic times, it seems like many couples are dividing debt. This program explores your options if you are considering bankruptcy before, during or after your divorce. Our guest is Bankruptcy Attorney, Douglas Kuthy.

Topics Include:

• What are the advantages and disadvantages of filing bankruptcy?

• Understand the different chapters of bankruptcy and decide which is the best option for you

• What happens if your spouse files for bankruptcy after your divorce?

• What to do if you are having a hard time making mortgage and credit card payments

• If your spouse files for bankruptcy, will it affect your spousal support or child custody payments?


Program #21  Understanding The Friend of The Court

The Friend of The Court enforces court orders pertaining to custody, parenting time and child support.

In this program, we speak with Friend of The Court referee, Mark Sherbow to give you a better idea of the inner workings of the Friend of The Court system as it relates to divorce and child custody issues.

Topics in this program include:

- The role of a referee and how they work hand in hand with the judge to oversee your case.

- How Child Support Orders are reviewed and how referee's mediate child support petitions

- How a hearing works with a Friend of The Court referee

- What to do if you are paying child support and you lose your job

- How hearing days work

- Key issues regarding custody and parenting time disputes

- How to prepare for your meeting with the Friend of The Court referee


Program #20  Insight From a Family Court Judge

Attorney Henry Gornbein and I interview  Judge James Alexander, a family court judge in Michigan, who helps us understand the court process as it relates to divorce and child custody issues.

Topics covered in this program include:

         What types of cases a Family Court handles

         How to prepare yourself for motions and/or your trial

         Making sure your lawyer knows your case and is prepared to tell the judge exactly what you want

         Identify if your attorney is a problem solver or a problem creator

         You'll get a feel for a judge's case load and realize that you'll only have a few minutes to state your case on motion day.

         And finally,  well take an in-depth look at the misuse of Personal Protection Orders related to divorce cases.


Program #19  Same Sex Divorce

Divorce can be challenging for heterosexual couples but for Gay couples, the challenge can be even greater.  One of the benefits of marriage is the ability to get divorced.  But for gay couples, - getting divorced can be even more complicated and costly. 

In this program, Attorney Henry Gornbein will discuss issues that affect married, same sex couples going through a divorce and we’ll show you ways to protect your partnership even if you aren’t legally married.

Also discussed :

  • Is it a good idea to get married in a state that recognizes same sex marriage?  What if you don’t live in that state, is it a good idea to establish residency so you can be legally married there?

  • Child custody issues during a "same sex" divorce.


Program #18  Coping with Divorce During the Holidays

The holidays can be a challenging time for families going through divorce. We have these images of perfect family holidays, yet your own family is coping with a situation that is anything but perfect.

In this program, psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg, provides advice to help get you through the holidays.

This Program Covers:

  • How to deal with your feelings and emotions during this trying time

  • Understanding issues your children may be dealing with during the holiday season

  • Dividing parenting time between you and your ex

  • Tips for holiday parties and gatherings to ease the stress

  • Is it proper to begin dating around the holidays


Program #17  Prenuptial Agreements

If you're thinking about making a prenuptial agreement, it can be helpful to look at the most common advantages -- and challenges. In this program, We'll show you how a "prenup" can:

• Protect your separate property
• Support your estate plan
• Define what property is considered marital or community property
• Reduce conflicts and save money if you divorce
• Clarify special agreements between you
• Establish ground rules for deciding future matters.

We also take a look at some solid premarital advice designed to strengthen your relationship prior to getting married.  www.FamilyLawOfMichigan.com

Program #16  High Conflict Divorce

A high conflict divorce is never a good thing and is typically ramped up by the personalities involved.  During this type of divorce, a war is created that is costly and damaging to the children and the divorcing couples.

In this program Dr. Larry Friedberg explains the differences between the friendly divorce, the business-like divorce and the high conflict divorce.

You will gain insight into why couples go this path and learn how a partner with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder adds fuel to the fire in a high conflict situation.

Finally, we have some suggestions to circumvent this path that can save you and your family a lot of grief.


Program #15  Child Custody Evaluations

The primary purpose and main focus of the custody evaluation is to determine what is in the best interests of the child.  A competent assessment will include a skilled clinical interview and history of the family dynamics.

Generally one parent doesn’t win and the other parent lose custody. Rather, each parent's role with the children may be outlined, and as a result, one may get to spend more time or less time with the children.

Dr. Larry Friedberg is our guest and he explains the custody evaluation process during this program.


Program #14  Mediation State-to-State So-Cal vs. MI

In a past program, we explored how mediation and collaborative law are helping divorcing couples maintain control over their lives as opposed to going to trial, where a stranger will make decisions for you.

In this program, we’ll show you how mediation and collaborative law can differ from state to state.  Divorce Source Radio Legal correspondent, Henry Gornbein and I had the chance to speak with Southern California attorney, Sondra BenNaEim to discuss the difference between mediation in Michigan  and California.

In the program, you’ll learn more about the process of mediation and how it can reduce stress and conflict during your divorce. We’ll discuss how the economy is affecting divorce, and you’ll learn why it is beneficial for both parties to consider mediation and collaborative law over a traditional trial.

Sondra BenNaEim: www.So-Cal-Attorney.com

Henry Gornbein: www.FamilyLawOfMichigan.com

Program #13 Moving On With Your New Life After Divorce


When your divorce is completed, it will be time to pick up the pieces and move on with your life.  This program features advice on rebuilding your life from one of the nation’s leading psychologists, Dr. Larry Friedberg.

This program will delve into all aspects of starting your new life including:
• Moving into your new home or apartment
• How to spend quality time with your children and prepare them for their new living arrangements
• The concerns of providing for two households on half the income
• Learn why you shouldn’t hang on to your anger and be a martyr to your marriage

And as for moving on with new relationships, we’ll discuss:
• Why it might be a good idea to rediscover yourself before entering into a new relationship
• Learn how to not marry the same type of person you just divorced
• How not to fantasize that your new relationship will be perfect
• Recognize that you still may feel unhappy after becoming involved in a new relationship because you haven't properly dealt with the grief of your divorce

Remember, divorce affects your kids, too, regardless of their age. We’ll discuss ways of helping them understand your divorce, and we’ll show you how to introduce your new love interest to your kids.


Program #12  Dividing Property During a Divorce


Part of a divorce is the division of property. The marital home used to be one of a couple's major assets but due to the current economy, the equity in many homes has been turned upside down leaving couples with little or no equity and in some cases, the couples owe more than their house is worth.

In this program, we discuss the difference between Real Property and Personal Property; we’ll look at residential and commercial real estate holdings. And if you own a business, you’ll learn how businesses are valued and dealt with during a divorce.

We’ll also discuss how Boats, planes, cars, furnishings, Stock Assets, Pensions, collectibles, and Inheritance come into play when dividing property.

Show Guest: Attorney, Henry Gornbein www.FamilyLawOfMichigan.com

Program #11  Life After Divorce - Step-Parenting Issues


When you have children and your ex remarries or becomes involved with someone, there are plenty of adjustments that need to be made beyond new living arrangements.

"Life After Divorce - Step Parenting Issues" discusses: 

If its proper for your kids to call their new stepparent mom or dad? - The role of disciplining your child by a stepparent. - Ways to communicate with your ex's new spouse or partner. -  And most importantly, we're going to show you how to remain an important part of your Child's life.

Psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg is our guest for this program. www.DrLarryFriedberg.com

Program #10  How to Have a Civil Divorce


When many of us embark on divorce, it’s anything but civil.  Anger can create the "win at any cost" mentality.  If the attorney representing you is overly litigious, you may find yourself on the expensive path of hearings and a trial, and in the end, will you really come out ahead?  You have to weigh the financial and mental cost of this path against what you expect to gain.  Relationships will be torn farther apart, anger will be raised to a new high and if you have children, how will this fallout affect them?

This program will discuss:

  • How to size up your attorney and not let them inflame your divorce with unnecessary anger and litigation.

  • How unscrupulous attorneys over sell their clients with false hope and promises. 

  • How to keep the peace in a divorce.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of a divorce.

Henry Gornbein tells us how to divorce more peacefully in this program.  www.FamilyLawOfMichigan.com 

Program #9  Surviving divorce

Surviving Divorce explores the five stages of anger and grief as it relates to a divorce. The five stages of divorce are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression/Pain, Acceptance/Recovery.

It's harder to get over a divorce than the death of a loved one.  Learn ways to cope with your hurt, anger and pain and discover how to come out the other side of divorce a healthy and happy person.  www.DrLarryFriedberg.com

This is a "Must Hear" program for anyone experiencing the emotional pain of divorce.

Program #8  Preparing For Your Divorce Trial


Preparing for a divorce trial is somewhat like staging a dramatic play but with you and your spouse as the reluctant stars. The witnesses who take the stand are your supporting or not so supporting actors.

A divorce Trial should be your last resort after attempts of mediation or alternate dispute resolution have failed. 

Attorney and family law expert, Henry Gornbein, explains the necessary steps of preparing yourself for a successful divorce trial. If your divorce is headed towards a trial, this is the program you need to hear.

Henry Gornbein: www.FamilyLawOfMichigan.com

Program #7 How Psychologists and Attorneys Work Together in Child Custody Cases with High Conflict Couples


How do lawyers and psychologists work together when child custody is an issue and in a divorce with a high level of conflict?

Psychologist Dr. Larry Friedberg and attorney Henry Gornbein are guests and discuss:

Counseling for high conflict couples for the sake of the children. -  How to set up a communications protocol with high conflict couples. - Does the conflict end after re-marriage? - Learn how to not re-marry the same type of person you are divorcing. - Is taking your children to counseling a good or bad idea? - How to stay away from “shark” attorneys who want to litigate and save money and relationships by pre-packaging your divorce. - Create a plan for an amicable divorce.

www.drlarryfriedberg.com       www.FamilyLawOfMichigan.com

Program #6 Co-Parenting with Your Ex after Divorce


Dr. Larry Friedberg explains that parenting with an ex is similar to running a business-- the most important business you will ever run.

Learn how to get along with your ex for the sake of your children and learn ways to resolve conflicts privately, not in front of your children.


Program #5  Divorce with Less Stress - Alternate Dispute Resolution


Divorce is a complex and traumatic experience for most people.  The so called “simple” divorce is all too rare.

Although most divorces don’t end up in a trial, there are alternatives to an acrimonious and combative divorce.

On this week's program, we take a look at ways to get you through the divorce process with less stress and come out the other side with less animosity towards your ex. 

Attorney, Henry Gornbein, discusses Alternate Dispute Resolution.  Learn how Facilitative Mediation and Collaborative Law can be a viable option to a traditional divorce and help couples retain control over their lives.  

If children are involved, keeping a harmonious relationship after divorce should be one of primary concerns and ADR offers a means of maintaining an amicable relationship with your ex as opposed to doing battle and growing further apart  during a litigious traditional divorce.  www.FamilyLawOfMichigan.com

Program #4 Dealing with Children During Your Divorce


Divorce is difficult on children at any age.  The psychological effects of divorce on children are more extreme when they’re forced to endure a long, drawn-out custody battle. These children suffer from a variety of psychological problems like denial, guilt, low self-esteem, physical problems, depression, anger, panic, destructive or even criminal behavior.

Dr. Larry Friedberg is our guest and discusses ways to help your children through your divorce. You will learn: How to tell your children about your divorce, How to help them with their shared living arrangements and Find ways to make this an easier transition for the entire family. www.DrLarryFriedberg.com

Program #3 Child Custody


Dealing with child custody and visitation is one of the most difficult aspects of getting divorced.  Divorce and child custody cases are often sensitive and emotional matters.

In this program, we’ll discuss The different types of child custody, child support, and visitation.  Attorney, Henry Gornbein, will explain how you can step back from your anger and do what’s in the best interest of your children.  Henry also emphasizes not wasting your your financial resources through unnecessary litigation.  

Henry explains how to have a "game-plan" and provides a step-by-step guide to prepare you for your divorce and child custody case. www.FamilyLawOfMichigan.com

Program #2: The Emotional Side of Divorce

Divorce is a stressful and unsettling situation. Over 50% of first marriages end in divorce, and the number increases to 67% for second marriages.

Renowned psychologist, Dr. Larry Friedberg, is interviewed and we learn: How Communication Breaks Down in Relationships, How to Work Through your Divorce with Less Stress, How to Protect Your Children from Personal Arguments With Your Spouse and we discuss Controlling Personalities.

For more information on Dr. Larry Friedberg, visit www.DrLarryFriedberg.com.


Program #1: How To Choose The Right Attorney

Divorce is an emotional experience.  Learn how to make the process easier by selecting the proper attorney.  Henry Gornbein, an attorney and expert of over 40 years in family law, is interviewed and provides helpful information for those entering divorce. For more information on Henry Gornbein, visit: http://www.familylawofmichigan.com

This is a "Must Hear" program for those new to the divorce process. Finding the right attorney is critical.

Divorce Source Preview Program

Welcome to DivorceSourceRadio.com!  This is an introduction program with information on upcoming broadcasts. 

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The Smart Divorce

Deborah Moskovitch,  joins us from Toronto to discuss her new book The Smart Divorce.

Deborah's own divorce took her seven years to close the file on her case. Deborah now helps others  through her book, seminars and  as a divorce consultant to avoid the pitfalls of a divorce, both legally and emotionally.  This is a "must hear" program for anyone entering the divorce process.

Deborah's Website: www.TheSmartDivorce.com

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