Are You GROWING or GOING Through Divorce?


In episode #9 of Sex after Divorce with Juliana Neiman, we discuss ways of GROWING through the divorce process.  This program helps us understand the importance of healing past wounds prior to moving on to new relationships prematurely.

If you still have feelings of hopelessness, anger, bitterness and regret, and find yourself thinking about your ex and thinking what could have or should have been done in the past, this is a Must Hear program.

Juliana helps us detach from our past and move forward to new relationships and possibilities. Divorce can be an opportunity to expand and re-brand yourself, and by doing the “personal work”, you can be mindful of things you may have done in the past that didn’t serve you or your relationship, make changes, and move forward into healthy, safe relationships.

It’s all about expanding, change and letting go.  Juliana Neiman provides answers and suggestions for you to GROW through divorce into a happy, healthier you.


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