Expanding Your “Sexual Menu”


In the seventh episode of Sex after Divorce with Juliana Neiman, our journey of the “sexual menu” continues as we discuss the taboo of anal sex and sexual fantasies.

Sex therapist Juliana Neiman provides a quick review of what we have learned since our first episode.  The information and advice provided in this series will help you to learn from mistakes made in past relationships, with the goal of entering into a healthier relationship in the future.

After divorce, it’s quite normal for some individuals to lose their desire for a new sexual relationship, and you may even experience a fear of becoming sexually involved with someone new, due to your damaged sexual self esteem.  Juliana helps you understand how to address these feelings and move forward.

The program then addresses the taboo topic of anal sex and the creation of sexual fantasies with your partner as a way of broadening your sexual menu.  Juliana helps us remove the sexual roadblocks that may have negatively affected our sexual relationship with our ex and provides insight on how we might open our minds and communicate our needs in healthier ways for future relationships.


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