Making the Most of Visitation Time


Regular communication between you and your ex will help to make your co-parenting more successful. Communicating clearly is hard work. You and the your former partner may have longstanding conflicts that make it difficult to discuss any issue. You might misunderstand each other. Do your best to set aside those past differences and relationship issues.

Parenting Time on Divorce Source RadioIn this episode of “Ask Henry” on Divorce Source Radio, Attorney Henry Gornbein addresses the topic of Parenting Time, formerly known as Visitation Time.

Successful Do’s for Co-Parenting - Making The Most of Your Time with Your Kids

  • Focus on common goals.
  • Work together to resolve problems involving your child.
  • Once you and the other parent agree on a plan, write it down so you are sure that you both understand.
  • Inform each other about important issues affecting your child, such as those involving school, health problems, medication, and discipline.
  • Call the other parent if you are going to be late, or your schedule changes.
  • To resolve disagreements, seek help from a mutually trusted person, such as a counselor or a shared friend.

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