Fifty Shades of Everything


Fifty Shades of GrayJoanie, Lesley & Steve are back this week with ton of topics and fun.  Steve asked Lesley to write the liner notes for this show, because there was so much packed into the hour that he didn’t feel up to the task.  Lesley said no.  Steve then asked Joanie if she would like to do the honor, to which she said, “You do it. You’re so good at it.  Steve just wasn’t up to the task and made the call to the script writers bull pen, and that’s where I come in. Who am I?  Just a fan of the show.

I don’t have a clue what they talked about since I haven’t heard the show, but I LOVE Single Again! Now What? and figured, piece of cake!  Steve told me they talked about Lesley’s trip to New York, and that during the delay to get in her hotel room, she read the first two Fifty Shades of Grey.  (Steve thinks she arrived early on purpose to have an excuse to devour the e-books.

Steve talks about going to a big-life event and running into your ex, and then proceeded to talk about reality TV.  (He’s not that deep.)  And Joanie joins the fun with her insight and sense of humor.  The show was recorded on National Prayer Day and Steve ended with a prayer.  The girls were rendered speechless!  Joanie and Lesley speechless?  Really?  Enough writing, I’m sending this in so they can post the program. Speechless… I’ll believe it when I hear it.  Cheers!

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