Find the “Right Fit” Attorney for a More Peaceful Divorce


In this episode of Divorce Source Radio from TDE 2012, Steve chats with California attorney Mark Baer. The topic is finding the “right fit” attorney for your divorce.

Marks Baer believes we need more problem-solving attorneys, and, unfortunately, they don’t teach this skill in law school.  Mark provides tips on finding a “right fit” attorney.  He also shares his personal story of growing up in a family with a high conflict divorce, which resulted in the loss of contact with his father.  Baer understands divorce from a unique perspective and is one of the leading divorce attorneys in the country.

Topics in the program include:

  • Finding the “right fit” Problem Solving Attorney for your case
  • How to tell if your attorney has good client management skills
  • The fallout for children of divorce and how it affects them later in life
  • Why parental alienation may not always be parental alienation
  • Why the divorce rate continues to rise in 2nd and 3rd marriages
  • Should you keep or sell the house during divorce?

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