Getting Over Our Victim Mentality After Divorce


In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, Certified Divorce Coach & Master Energy Practitioner, Karen McMahon, is our guest and helps us understand Victim Mentality.

Many people fee victimized after going through divorce and victimization is counterproductive in moving forward with our new life. When people feel victimized, their focus is centered on themselves and their personal energy becomes very low and destructive.

Karen teaches us how to shift out of victim mentality by addressing the following topics:

  • Realizing that getting angry is a step in the right direction
  • How to change your thoughts from why you can’t to why you can
  • Understanding the first step is awareness
  • How to detach from conflict into detachment
  • The role forgiveness plays is detaching from victim mentality
  • And much more.

Ultimately, we all want to live in peace and joy. We need to get past conflict, into forgiveness and then to compassion. Once we reach that place, we can live in peace and move towards a more joyful life with less negative energy in our lives.  For more on Karen, visit:


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