Lies We Tell Ourselves During Divorce


Have you ever believed something negative about yourself, or felt “stuck” in life?  What’s the worst kind of lie?  The one we tell ourselves. In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, our guests are Victoria Wynn and Laura Campbell.

Victoria and Laura both serve as successful divorce coaches, and Victoria speaks openly about the lies she had told herself after her divorce from a 16-year marriage.  One of Victoria’s lies was, “Because I’m a single mom of five kids, I won’t find a good, devoted man to be my partner.” She goes on to share the truth she ultimately learned: “Because I’m a single mom of five, I know how to love deeply, sacrifice, serve, and create unity.”

Victoria created The Lies I tell Myself Project after realizing the need for a custom-tailored process that explains how to know if you’re lying to yourself, and most importantly: A way to figure out what the beautiful truth about yourself really is.

Laura Campbell is an author and Divorce & Life Reinvention Coach, supporting women who want to regroup, renew and reinvent themselves before, during and after divorce.  Laura has made her life one of dedication and devotion to those unsure of how to get where they really want to go… and her results are phenomenal!  Together, these two women are making a difference in the lives of hundreds going through divorce.


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