Personal Protection Orders during Divorce


A personal protection order (PPO) is an order issued by the court. In situations where there is a domestic relationship, it can protect you from harassment, assault, beating, molesting, wounding, or stalking by another person. It provides police to prevent a crime before it happens, by preventing the other person from purchasing a firearm or interfering with your daily activities. The order can also prohibit him/her from entering your premises and removing minor children unless the removal is part of a court parenting time order.

In this episode of “Ask Henry“, with attorney Henry Gornbein, we take a closer look at Personal protection orders from all sides.  Whether you are the one seeking the order or are on the receiving end, we cover all sides in this program.

Topics Include:How to acquire a protection order

  • What the order means and the legal ramifications of violating an order
  • What to do if an order expires and you still fear for your safety
  • The repercussions for filing a false Protection Order
  • What to do if you feel you are wrongly served a protection order
  • How to have a protection order against you dismissed
  • How the courts view Protection Orders
  • And much more.

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