Single Again! Now What? Episode #4 - Ego


We’re back with episode #4 of Single Again! Now What? with Joanie, Lesley and Steve.

Join the fun as we explore the ego and how it affects our daily life and relationships. We talk about Eckhart Tolle’s books in this show, as much of his work is related to letting go of an unhealthy ego.

Nothing will kill a relationship more quickly than ego. So the next time you see your ego getting involved in your relationship, get rid of it! If you find yourself defending yourself or not allowing you to really listen, then you need to take a step back. Listen carefully to what’s really being said, and use it to create the most amazing relationship.

As usual, the show is served up with a big helping of laughter, so learn, laugh and love with Joanie, Lesley and Steve on Single Again! Now What?


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