The Legal and Emotional Side of Divorce


In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, Attorney Henry Gornbein and Therapist Susan Pease Gadoua discuss the legal and emotional side of divorce.

When people enter into divorce, it seems it’s all about the legal aspect.  We soon realize that divorce is an extremely emotional time in our lives.  If one or both of the parties have a controlling mindset, the situation can become more hostile, potentially leading to a lengthy, destructive, and unnecessarily expensive divorce process.  Tempers flare, heels dig in, and none of it leads to satisfaction in the end.

Susan shares tips on how to navigate your divorce in a more peaceful manner and shows the value of therapy.  Henry provides advice on dealing with an attorney who is trying to stir the pot between you and your ex.  Susan reminds us of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other, more advanced, needs. If you’re worried about your survival, it’s hard to get to a place of love. If safety and esteem are an issue, you can’t get to self-actualization.

This is a “must hear” for any of our listeners new to the process of divorce.  For more on Susan Pease Gadoua, visit: www.SusanPeaseGadoua.com, and for Henry Gornbein, visit: www.Family Law of Michigan.com.  (This program was recorded at The Divorce Expo in Novi, Michigan).

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