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This episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck was recorded at TDE 2012 and features Rodrick Walters of The Upbeat Dad Organization based out of Miami, Florida. This is a great program for ALL dads to listen to, and moms as well.  If you know a father who’s not being all he can be for the sake of his kids, please share this program with them.

Rodrick went through a devastating divorce in the early 2000s. His little girl was just three at the time and there were  challenges that greatly reduced parenting time with his daughter, especially when his ex moved out of state.  Some dads lose touch with their children due to the circumstances of their divorce and Rodrick encouraged dads to stay involved in the lives of their children. 

Marital separation and divorce are challenging but they do not have to be destructive.  With the Upbeat Dad approach, fathers can stay connected with their children and have a powerful impact in their life. This program is about manning up to be a good father. Our kids need us in their lives and we need them in ours. Empowering dads and supporting families is the core of The Upbeat Dad.

For more on The Upbeat Dad Organization, visit: www.TheUpbeatDad.com.


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