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Discovery During Divorce

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Family Law Questions answered on Divorce Source RadioAttorney Henry Gornbein returns with another episode of Ask Henry to discuss the first legal steps to take during divorce.

Divorce Word

Topics include:

  • Filing a complaint or petition
  • Putting your husband or wife on notice – what to expect
  • Serving the divorce petition to your husband or wife
  • How to do it with the least amount of discourse.
  • How some lawyers “troll” or solicit for clients and how this can be harmful if domestic violence has been part of the marriage
  • Creating a checklist for the divorce process
  • Digital Discovery – Computers, cell phones, etc.

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Four Aspects of Divorce

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Family Law Questions answered on Divorce Source RadioThe nation’s premier family law attorney Henry Gornbein returns with a new program titled “The Four Aspects of Divorce.


Henry describes the four aspects which include:

  • The Legal Divorce
  • The Psychological Divorce
  • The Economic Divorce
  • And The Religious Divorce

These topics are also included in Henry’s book Divorce Demystified available on

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The Legal Process of Divorce Part 2 – Filing for Divorce

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Family Law Questions answered on Divorce Source RadioFamily Law attorney, Henry Gornbein, continues his series, The Divorce Process.

In this episode, Henry addresses questions related to filing for divorce.  Some believe that it matters who files first.  You may be surprised with Henry’s answer.

Others feel they would be best represented by a firm that markets directly to men or women.  Henry dispels the need for a specialized law firm.

Filing is never an easy decision to make and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Henry provides information and insight for anyone considering divorce in this important legal series.

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How to select a divorce attorneyIn this episode of “Ask Henry” with family law attorney, Henry Gornbein, we begin a series designed to walk you through the process of divorce.  This is Part 1, of The legal process of Divorce – Selecting an Attorney.

Being well prepared and knowledgeable is key to a successful divorce.  This episode educates you and provides options for a more peaceful divorce.  Whether contemplating divorce or just beginning the process, Henry walks you through the process  of selecting an attorney that’s right for your case, including questions to ask the attorney, what to expect during the process, and how to best prepare for the consultation.

There are many myths regarding filing for divorce. Some say that you should seek a law firm that only represents men or women as a means of achieving a better outcome.  Others say it’s important who files for divorce first.  Henry addresses these questions and breaks down fact from fiction.

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The Importance of Voting

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Voting on Divorce Source RadioAttorney Henry Gornbein returns to discuss the 2012 judicial elections and the importance of voting.

Thirty-nine states elect at least some of their judges, and the vast majority of cases in the United States are heard by elective courts. To safeguard the rights of parties appearing before these courts, its important to be aware of, and reduce reduce the influence of money on judicial elections.

If you’re contemplating divorce, chances are, you’ll find yourself before a judge.  Henry advises all of us to become more involved in learning about the candidates that may be ruling on your case.  He also addresses the Supreme Court ruling that opened the door for public interest groups designed to sway voters.

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“Ask Henry” Addiction and Divorce

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addiction on Divorce Source RadioFamily Law Attorney, Henry Gornbein returns with episode #28 of “Ask Henry”.

Henry begins by answering a listener question about a husband hacking into his wife’s computer and phone records.  She’s filed police reports but police won’t help her.  Her husband, now living in another state, has been charged with domestic violence before and she fears for her safety.

The second issue Henry addresses is addiction.  Addiction comes in many forms, alcohol, street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs,  gambling sexual addiction, etc.  In many marriages, addiction is the cause of divorce.  Henry looks at the problem of addiction and shares stories of those who have been addicted, cleaned up, stayed sober and turned their lives around for the better.

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Making the Most of Visitation Time

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Regular communication between you and your ex will help to make your co-parenting more successful. Communicating clearly is hard work. You and the your former partner may have longstanding conflicts that make it difficult to discuss any issue. You might misunderstand each other. Do your best to set aside those past differences and relationship issues.

Parenting Time on Divorce Source RadioIn this episode of “Ask Henry” on Divorce Source Radio, Attorney Henry Gornbein addresses the topic of Parenting Time, formerly known as Visitation Time.

Successful Do’s for Co-Parenting – Making The Most of Your Time with Your Kids

  • Focus on common goals.
  • Work together to resolve problems involving your child.
  • Once you and the other parent agree on a plan, write it down so you are sure that you both understand.
  • Inform each other about important issues affecting your child, such as those involving school, health problems, medication, and discipline.
  • Call the other parent if you are going to be late, or your schedule changes.
  • To resolve disagreements, seek help from a mutually trusted person, such as a counselor or a shared friend.

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How do Psychological Evaluations Work during Divorce?

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On this episode of “Ask Henry” with family law attorney Henry Gornbein, a listener phones in a question regarding psychological evaluations.  Henry answers the listener’s question and goes on to provide a better understanding of what psychological evaluations are and how they work during a divorce from the legal perspective.

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Personal Protection Orders during Divorce

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A personal protection order (PPO) is an order issued by the court. In situations where there is a domestic relationship, it can protect you from harassment, assault, beating, molesting, wounding, or stalking by another person. It provides police to prevent a crime before it happens, by preventing the other person from purchasing a firearm or interfering with your daily activities. The order can also prohibit him/her from entering your premises and removing minor children unless the removal is part of a court parenting time order.

In this episode of “Ask Henry“, with attorney Henry Gornbein, we take a closer look at Personal protection orders from all sides.  Whether you are the one seeking the order or are on the receiving end, we cover all sides in this program.

Topics Include:How to acquire a protection order

  • What the order means and the legal ramifications of violating an order
  • What to do if an order expires and you still fear for your safety
  • The repercussions for filing a false Protection Order
  • What to do if you feel you are wrongly served a protection order
  • How to have a protection order against you dismissed
  • How the courts view Protection Orders
  • And much more.
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In this episode of “Ask Henry,” with attorney Henry Gornbein, our question is, “What can we reasonably expect from the legal system, including Attorneys, Judges, Friend of the Court, and Mediators?”

Henry walks us through the steps of determining what you should expect from your attorney and what you should be looking for when selecting one. The conversation then shifts to reasonable expectations for the judge overseeing your case.  Judges are all different and rule as such.  Another part of the family law system is the Friend of The Court, and Henry helps us understand the system.

Finally, we take a look at what you can expect from a family law mediator.  The court process during divorce can be daunting, so the more you know early on, the better the possible outcome.

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