Adjusting to Being Single Again


Start the New Year right with our NEW, UPLIFTING SHOW  on Divorce Source Radio, Single Again! Now What? with Joanie Winberg and Lesley Hatfield.

Divorce can be so serious and bring you down. This show is all about life after divorce and bringing you around.  Our divorced and single hosts deliver a show you can relate to, because we’re all in the same place… single and divorced.

Together, we hope to learn, love, and laugh our way through this show and the rest of our lives.  We invite you to come along for the ride.  Feel free to write us with comments, questions, or suggestions to [email protected]

Today’s Conversation Includes:

  • Life after the holidays
  • Dealing with unhealthy eating and diet habits
  • Is dating after divorce in the best interest of your children?
  • How to date appropriately for the sake of your kids
  • And much more

For more on Joanie Winberg visit: www.FreshStartAfterDivorce.com - For more on Lesley Hatfield visit: www.NiteSweatz.com


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