This episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck was recorded at TDE 2012 and features Rodrick Walters of The Upbeat Dad Organization based out of Miami, Florida. This is a great program for ALL dads to listen to, and moms as well.  If you know a father who’s not being all he can be for the sake of his kids, please share this program with them.

Rodrick went through a devastating divorce in the early 2000s. His little girl was just three at the time and there were  challenges that greatly reduced parenting time with his daughter, especially when his ex moved out of state.  Some dads lose touch with their children due to the circumstances of their divorce and Rodrick encouraged dads to stay involved in the lives of their children. 

Marital separation and divorce are challenging but they do not have to be destructive.  With the Upbeat Dad approach, fathers can stay connected with their children and have a powerful impact in their life. This program is about manning up to be a good father. Our kids need us in their lives and we need them in ours. Empowering dads and supporting families is the core of The Upbeat Dad.

For more on The Upbeat Dad Organization, visit:

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Kids Need Both Parents - Dads and Moms of Michigan

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In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, we’re broadcasting from The Divorce Expo 2012 and our guests are John Langlois and Brian Jones of Dads and Moms of Michigan (DMM).

DMM is a non-profit organization providing information, education, and knowledge to effectively use available resources, to all Michigan parents desirous of remaining actively involved in the lives of their minor children both during and after a divorce or similar domestic relations action.  People living outside the state can also join the organization for access to their online resources. Dads and Moms believes kids need both parents and they provide resources to help families during and post divorce.

Dads & Moms of Michigan:

  • Provides Divorce | Shared / Co Parenting Educational Resources and Services to Michigan Parents.
  • Hosts Shared Parenting Support Groups
  • Hosts Family Law Symposiums
  • Provides a well maintained Online Library
  • Provides a Member Crisis Hot Line
  • Works with State and County agencies to Promote Shared | Co-Parenting
  • And Hosts Educational Divorce | Shared / Co Parenting Workshops

Every state should aim to emulate the wonderful resources offered by Dads & Moms of Michigan.  For more information, visit:

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Increase the Odds of Staying Married a Second Time

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Lesley is on Spring Break and Joanie & Steve are holding down the fort in this episode of Single Again! Now What?

The show starts with Joanie providing tips from her forthcoming article in the Huffington Post on how to increase the odds of staying married a second or even third time.  As usual, there’s fun and laughs as Joanie and Steve share personal stories and thoughts.

PLEASE Like Us!  (Sounds desperate doesn’t it?)  We want to connect on a personal level with our listeners, and our new Facebook page gives us the opportunity to meet and hear from you.  You can join our community at  Also, feel free to write Joanie, Lesley or Steve at [email protected]  We do this show for you, and you’re just like us… people post divorce, reinventing themselves and working to create a very cool new chapter in our life.  Cheers!

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In this episode of Divorce Source Radio from TDE 2012, Steve chats with California attorney Mark Baer. The topic is finding the “right fit” attorney for your divorce.

Marks Baer believes we need more problem-solving attorneys, and, unfortunately, they don’t teach this skill in law school.  Mark provides tips on finding a “right fit” attorney.  He also shares his personal story of growing up in a family with a high conflict divorce, which resulted in the loss of contact with his father.  Baer understands divorce from a unique perspective and is one of the leading divorce attorneys in the country.

Topics in the program include:

  • Finding the “right fit” Problem Solving Attorney for your case
  • How to tell if your attorney has good client management skills
  • The fallout for children of divorce and how it affects them later in life
  • Why parental alienation may not always be parental alienation
  • Why the divorce rate continues to rise in 2nd and 3rd marriages
  • Should you keep or sell the house during divorce?
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Becoming the Most Awesome Single Dad

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Becoming the most awesome single dad is our new episode of The Smart Divorce with Deborah Moskovitch. Dads often get under played in society and the media…..Disney dads, born again fathers, dads that disappear from their children’s lives…..and then there’s our guest Joel Schwartzberg.

Joel is an award-winning humorist, personal essayist and screenwriter whose work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, New Jersey Monthly, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, The Star Ledger,, and in the flimsy pages of regional parenting magazines around the country.  He’s the author of The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad, a unique and award-winning collection of funny and personal essays that examine how divorce reinvents relationships with kids and one’s own sense of Dadhood.

Joel offers great tips and insights on being a part-time Dad in a full-time life — a meaningful interview for any parent, particularly the millions who’ve gone through divorce with their senses of humor intact.

Topics include:

  • Putting a spin a heart wrenching situation and finding the humor in life
  • “Lazy Dadurday” offer a glimpse into those special moments and new routines with dad after a split
  • Top Ten Things Divorced Dads Need to Realize
  • What Remarried Dads Owe Their Stepmom Wives
  • And so much more….

More about Joel’s book, The 40 Year-Old Version can be found at:

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The Breakdown of a Breakup with Terry Radigan

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This program was recorded at The Divorce Expo in March, 2012, and features Singer/Songwriter, Terry Radigan.  Radigan debuted her first solo record, Radigan, which was released in 2000, and was praised by the likes of Billboard, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and Mademoiselle, among others. Since then, Radigan has had her songs recorded by powerhouses, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Pam Tillis, Patty Loveless, Anuna, City High, Vinyl Pinups, and many more.

Fast forward to 2012, and you’ll find Radigan’s latest album, The Breakdown of a BreakupThe album is a candid story of the breakup of a twenty-year relationship; sorrow, anger, wilderness, and the final phase of empowerment and moving on.

Terry shares her personal breakup story and tells how writing her new album was a form of therapy.  (The good news is, writers write some of their biggest hits during a breakup, and this album is awesome!)  And if you find yourself going through divorce, you’ll totally relate to her songs.

In this podcast, we feature two songs from Terry’s new album, Love Wouldn’t Lie To Me  and Not Giving Up On Love.  For more on Terry and her music, visit:

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On this episode of The Intelligent Divorce with Mark Banschick, M.D., Dr. James Hollis joins us and provides insight into our lives and relationships.

James Hollis, Ph.D., taught Humanities for 26 years in various colleges and universities before retraining as a Jungian analyst at the Jung Institute of Zurich, Switzerland.  He is a licensed Jungian analyst in private practice, in Houston, Texas, where he is also Executive Director of the Jung Educational Center of Houston. Dr. Hollis has published eleven books with total sales well over 100,000 copies, the most recent being Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life (Gotham Books/Penguin).

What is your life’s purpose, and does it have  meaning?  What happens when we get off purpose?  Dr. Hollis helps us understand how we can be our worst enemy.  Much of our current unrest can be attributed to our experiences as children and young adults.  The paradox is that the adaptations that were necessary during childhood  often stand as the imprisoning behaviors and values later in life.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “If I’m doing all the right things, why doesn’t it feel right inside?”  How do we inherit our past, and how is it affecting our current life?  These questions, as well as thoughts on marriage and relationships, are discussed in this episode.

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2Houses Organizational System for Separated Parents

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This week, Divorce Source Radio will be featuring shows recorded the The Divorce Expo in Novi Michigan.  You’ll be hearing from presenters as well as exhibitors, offering unique products and services to those going through or post divorce.

This program features a unique online organizational product designed to help keep divorced couples organized. helps Communications between separated or divorced parents.

This online system helps you to manage your parenting schedule, keep track of shared expenses, exchange school, after-school activities, medical, and other types of information.

This program features 2Houses founder, Gill Ruidant who traveled from Belgium to attend the show.  For more information, visit:

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Spring Open Forum on Single Again! Now What?

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Spring has sprung, and Joanie in Massachusetts, Lesley in Atlanta, and Steve in Detroit are lovin’ it!

We’re calling this episode our Spring Open Forum as we touch on a ton of topics.  We talk about disappointments when life doesn’t go your way. We then shift into sports, and as it turns out, Joanie and Lesley are avid sports fans.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Do men prefer women who like sports?
  • Do men like to shop, and how do you shop for a man?
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy thoughts from last week’s show
  • Does sex bring you closer to your mate?
  • How would you feel if your ex died?

We’re like a tennis ball at Wimbledon, changing topics left and right.  Don’t forget to visit our new Facebook page and “Like” us. Email questions, comments, or show suggestions to [email protected], or phone them in to our listener line, at (248) 686-2256.

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Getting over divorce and the emotional feelings that go along with it isn’t easy.  In this episode of Sex after Divorce with Juliana Neiman, we take a look at emotional obstacles that might prevent us from moving forward into healthy sexual relationships.

Some may enter into a new relationship only to find themselves still harboring feelings of low self-esteem and fear that their new relationship will go the same path as their last one.  By confronting our emotional issues up front and gaining a better understanding of ourselves, our fears and negative feelings fade away.

Juliana also addresses sexual emotions and fears that cause some people to feel insecure about becoming sexually involved with a new partner, and we discuss how to feel more comfortable with our own sexuality.

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