Learning Disabilities - Is School Helping or Hurting Children?


In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce with Mark Banschick, M.D., we discuss learning disabilities in children and help identify signs that a child may be in trouble.  If you suspect your child is having difficulty in school due to the stress of divorce or a learning disability, it’s important to get them tested and identify the problem as soon as possible.

Getting your child into a set routine is a great way to balance their life. Good sleeping, eating, and study habits are critical to your child’s well-being, and Dr. Banschick provides an example of what this looks like.

We also identify common learning disabilities and provide options for treatment, including prescribed medication.  5% of children in school today are dealing with ADHD.  If you suspect that your child may be exhibiting signs of ADD, ADHD, or a learning disability, know that you’re not alone-evaluation and help are available.  Be proactive in getting help for your child.

Topics in the program include:

  • Setting a routine for your child
  • How to create an environment conducive to study at home
  • Working with teachers to identify and support your child’s needs
  • The different types of learning disabilities
  • Defining ADD and available treatment options
  • How ADD affects kids in school
  • ADD kids are at a higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse
  • The hyperactive child
  • And much more.
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