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The Leon Walker case has received national attention as a landmark case related to email privacy issues.  Leon Walker Faces felony charges and up to 5-years in prison for reading his wife’s emails.

Leon Walker

Expert pundits on CNN have debated this case and many feel there is no merit to the charges, especially at a felony level. Leon Walker provided an exclusive interview with Divorce Source Radio’s Steve Peck. This show provides a window into what Leon Walker has endured since being charged with the crime in 2011.  Leon tells his version of the story and noted author and forensic trial consultant, Dean Tong, helps us sort through the legal maneuvers the prosecutor and defense might be considering.

Mr. Walker has been financially devastated and his life has been turned upside down due the charges filed against him.  Does the county prosecuting the case really want to spend close to $500,000 of taxpayers’ money to lock this man up for reading his wife’s email?  Mr. Walker claims he did so for the well-being of his kids. He had reason to believe the children were being subjected to a potentially abusive situation as his wife was seeing an ex with an abusive past.

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