Host Your Own Show On Divorce Source Radio

Now Divorce Source Radio provides the opportunity to share your message with a national audience.

Since 2009 Divorce Source Radio has provided the most listened to podcasts in the country featuring shows for individuals contemplating, going through, or post-divorce.  Our shows have been heard by over 800,000 listeners throughout the country and are available through iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio as well as

Many of our professional friends serving the divorce industry have expressed an interest in hosting their own show on Divorce Source Radio.  Shows help divorce professionals promote their brand to clients and industry professionals.  Attorneys, Divorce Coaches, Therapists, Authors, and others are among those who have benefited from being a guest on a Divorce Source Radio program. Now for the first time, you are capable of having your own show created and produced by DSR and heard by a national audience.

Show Acceptance Criteria:

  • Your show must feature content designed at helping our listeners through the process of divorce or life after divorce.
  • Shows are information/entertainment based and not a sole commercial for your business. (You will be able to promote your business and or services during the beginning and end of programs.)

What Divorce Source Radio Provides:

  • Divorce Source Radio will help develop a program designed around you and your brand. (Program Length will be between 30 – 45-minutes.)
  • Divorce Source Radio allows you to bring on guests via phone or Skype for show interviews.
  • You may choose to host the show yourself or with Divorce Source Radio host Steve Peck. (Some new co-hosts find this a helpful way to begin hosting alongside a professional for support.)
  • Divorce Source Radio will edit and upload your programs to iTunes, Stitcher and TunIn Radio as well as providing a national platform for your shows. (You will also be able to stream your shows from your website and social media pages.)
  • Divorce Source Radio helps you to select your own show music bed and assists in creating an album cover for your shows.

Show Packages:

The key to building audience is delivering content on a regular basis or frequency of shows.  Listeners will subscribe to your shows and look forward to tuning in for new episodes.  Our packages include multiple show discounts.

Rate Card
  • Weekly Shows: $75.00 per show – (Three Month Minimum)
  • Bi-Weekly Shows: $90.00 per show - (Six Month Minimum)
  • Monthly Shows: $125.00 per show – (Twelve Month Minimum)
  • One show: $300.00

Payments are due the first of the month.  Annual Payments receive a 20% Discount.

Show Submissions:

If you are interested in hosting a show on Divorce Source Radio please send a brief background on you and the services you provide with contact information and show concept to Steve Peck at: [email protected].

Divorce Source Radio will consider all submissions and will select shows that serve our audience.


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