A Dad’s Point of View: The Joys of Being a Single Parent


Our guest, Bruce Sallan shares his story of becoming a first-time dad, to a son, four days after his 40th birthday, less than 9 months after getting married (they got pregnant on the honeymoon). His second son was born three years later. When Bruce’s sons were still quite young, he left his job as Vice President ABC Motion Pictures for Television to become a full-time dad and to care for his ailing parents, the classic “sandwich” situation.

Shortly thereafter, his marriage ended and his wife abandoned their children, leaving the state. He became a full-time single dad, in his late-forties. Hear Bruce share his lessons and musings on being a single dad.

Topics in this program include:

  • Reactions from friends and acquaintances about being a single stay at home dad
  • The inherent differences in the parenting styles of mothers and fathers
  • How gender differences affecting parenting, friendships and dating
  • A single dad’s view on custody and the children’s best interests
  • Triumph over heartbreak; new ventures and lessons learned
  • The real importance of being a single parent
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