Divorce at the Movies


In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce, Mark Banschick, M.D. takes a look at divorce and family adversity in the movies.

Dr. Banschick believes there are powerful messages in  movies that relate to divorce and single parenting that provide wisdom and insight to what might be going on in our lives.

Many children’s movies have situations with divorced parents, the death of a parent, or being raised by extended family .  Going to one of these well-done movies with your children provides a great opportunity for dialog afterwards and can be a great way of helping your children better understand divorce.  Dr. Banschick tells the tale of The Wizard of Oz like you have never heard it before and provides other examples from ET and The Lion King.

For more movie recommendations for your children as well as yourself, pick up a copy of Dr. Banschick’s Intelligent Divorce book, “Because Your Kids Come First,” available in the Recommended Reading section of

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