Ten Careers with High Divorce Rates

Various studies have been released that examine the marriage and divorce rates of certain occupations. Due to high stress levels, long or odd hours, and even job descriptions that involve a little too much touchy-feely time with customers, the jobs on this list rank highest when it comes to risk for divorce. If you’re in one of the industries below, don’t use that as an excuse for letting your marriage fall apart. Instead, prove that you’re the exception, and maybe schedule an extra counseling session or two, just in case.

  1. Fish and game wardens: The study conducted by the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, led by a professor emeritus at Radford University, found that fish and game wardens split up with their spouses at a rate of 25.5%, more than 9% higher than the average reports coming from Americans overall. Depending on your education, experience, and employer, you can make a decent living working as a fish and game warden, but the power trip you get protecting wildlife but not translate well into the domestic world.
  2. Dancers and choreographers: Dancers and choreographers have the highest divorce rate of any other occupation, and we guess we’re not that surprised. With tight clothes, lots of intimate partner practice time, and a job description that requires you to get down and dirty (even ballet is pretty erotic), temptation is everywhere.
  3. Bartenders: Similarly, we’re not super surprised with the bartender connection. The attractive girls and guys who serve you drinks and compete for tips have the second highest divorce rate, at 38.4%.
  4. Extruding machine operator: You can make all sorts of dirty jokes about why this occupation made the list, but we’ll blame the occasional night and weekend shifts and rapid decline in employment opportunities.
  5. Telephone operators: Telephone operators land in the top 10 occupations with high divorce rates, and we can’t blame them. An entire day of people hanging up on you or yelling at you? If your spouse isn’t whispering sweet nothings into your ear the rest of the time, we don’t see how you could possible stay sane, or even civil.
  6. Massage therapists: The Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology study found that massage therapists have a divorce rate of 38.2%, one of the highest. There’s only so much scientific and medical justification for groping, caressing and rubbing if you’re attracted to your client.
  7. Food and tobacco factory workers: There’s a 30% divorce rate for people working in food and tobacco factories. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that this occupation also carries one of the highest risks for injury and illness, particularly if you’re in dairy or seafood. Workers in this industry also account for 54% of all jobs in America.
  8. Gaming cage worker: Gaming cage workers carry about the same divorce rate as extruding machine operators, with a slightly higher risk. Also possibly one of jobs where ethics comes into play more often than not, gaming cage workers are responsible for changing out money for chips, and handling all the cash and paperwork that fuels the casino. This industry also has a pretty bleak employment outlook for the next few years.
  9. Gaming service worker: With a divorce rate at just over 31%, gaming service workers may want to rethink heading to the Little White Chapel on their lunch break. Competition is high for this profession, which includes jobs in surveillance, personnel and operations management, slot key supervision, bet takers, and table dealers.
  10. Psychiatric nurses and home health aides: Taking care of mentally unstable or physically challenged individuals who aren’t related to you takes a lot of patience, commitment and understanding. A typical day — no matter what your exact job description is — can be physically and emotionally draining as you deal with intimate tasks like bathing and changing, as well as frustrating calls to insurance companies or absent family members. You’ll need an understanding spouse to deal with your own mood swings after work.

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