Getting Through a Military Divorce


Our guest, Matt Hamel  is a family law lawyer who understands military divorce.  With legal skills forged in the crucible of the Military Justice System, Matt is an unyielding advocate for military wives, female service members and the children of military families.

Recognizing the lack of easily available information about military divorces and Virginia law, Matt joined forces with the Hofheimer/Ferrebee law firm to co-author an informative book about Virginia family law and it’s impact on military families. Equally important, the book discusses entitlements due military wives as a result of their marriage to military members.

Armed with knowledge as a former Navy JAG officer and motivated with an advocate’s passion to help women through the family crisis of divorce, Matt also wanted to honor female military spouses who often serve their nation in quiet desperation as their family life unravels. Thus, he not only co-authored this book, but he also joined the Hofheimer/Ferrebee firm in order to represent women exclusively in divorce and custody matters. Matt’s not just “talking the talk,” he’s “walking the walk.”

Topics in this program include:

  • What makes a military divorce different from a civilian divorce
  • Where should a military divorce occur
  • How will deployment and new duty stations impact child custody arrangements
  • Do I need to be married for 10-years to my military spouse to be able to get a portion of his retirement?
  • What is the Survival Benefit Plan and is it worth it to elect this?
  • Will my medical benefits cease upon my divorce (health benefits are free to military members and their dependents)?  What about medical benefits for our children after the divorce?
  • What is a 20/20/20 spouse and what is a 20/20/15 spouse?
  • And, so much more!


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