Joanie Winberg

Joanie Winberg, Host of Single Again! Now What? and Founder of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children

Joanie Winberg is the Creator and Host of the radio show Single Again! Now What?

Joanie is also Founder of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children, Joanie’s passion is to help women during and after divorce and all single moms to be the best they can be as well as become role models for their children and community. The 24/7 Resource Center, was created not only because of the lack of support and guidance Joanie experienced after her divorce, but for the many women who experience the same challenges.

Joanie became a successful business owner of a True Value Hardware store at the age of twenty five. After eighteen years in the retail arena, she embarked on a professional career as a speaker, author, business/personal mentor specializing in divorce, Certified Behavior Specialist, and a Certified Laughter Leader.

Joanie speaks around the country and her diverse clientele is in the retail, health care, non-profit sector, and education industries. She is also the author of Rising to the Top, A Guide to Self Development.

To continue to help provide a healthy lifestyle for women and children, Joanie is the Founder of the non-profit Happy Wednesday Foundation which provides educational programs such as the R & R Day Retreats for underserved women including cancer patients/survivors, victims of domestic violence, homeless, single again, and women with children of addiction- R & R Day Retreats.

Joanie is a proud mom of two children- Kristy, 30, a Doctor of Audiology and Michael, 26, a graduate of Bentley College.

For more information about Joanie, the speaker, go to Book Joanie.

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