The Fight to Save a Marriage and Thoughts on Divorce Reform


When Beverly Willett was faced with divorce she did something few have tried… challenging the divorce in court.  She wanted desperately to save her marriage and avoid divorce.  Beverly has extensive knowledge about the judicial system, both from her research and personal experience, and is passionate about divorce reform.

Beverly, is an author and former attorney. Her articles about divorce, marriage and parenting have appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, Newsweek, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Prevention,, Parenting and The Daily Beast. She’s a regular contributor to The Huffington Post Divorce page, a former Contributing Editor to Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine, and a long-time advisor to For the past year, she has been consulting with groups and individuals about divorce reform on a pro bono basis. She is the chair of the advisory committee for the Coalition for Divorce Reform. (

Topics in this program include:

• The Impossible Dream: The Fight to Save Beverly’s Marriage
• Giving up on your career for your children
• The differences and flaws between No Fault vs. Fault Divorce
• When mom’s break up: Coping with the loss of friendships post divorce
• How the Coalition for Divorce Reform is making a difference.

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