Acceptance and Moving On with Your Life after Divorce


(Listener Note: This is Episode #5 of this ten-part series by Shelley Stile. To take full advantage of this series, please listen to the episodes in their proper order).

The ability to move on after your divorce entails the letting go of the  past with its emotional baggage and negative emotions. If you can  accomplish this feat then the heavy burdens you have been carrying will  lift and you will experience the liberation of freedom: the ability to  move unimpeded towards whatever goal you establish for yourself.

Ask yourself: what is the price I am paying in holding onto what no  longer exists? What is the cost of being chained to my negative emotions and perspective? Is it costing me my health? My peace of mind? My  relationship with my children? My happiness? My optimism and enthusiasm  for life? I assure you that the price you pay is very, very high and it  is you alone, not your ex, that pays that price.

How would you feel if you were free of all that negative stuff? Would you feel the world contains new possibilities and opportunities for  you? Would you feel light? Would your body and heart stop aching? Would  you be able to be happy again? Would you have renewed energy? How would  freedom feel for you?

Divorce and Life Coach Shelley Stile explains the importance of acceptance and letting go during this episode of Divorce Recovery.  For more information on Shelley Stile, visit her website at

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