The Reality of Your Situation Versus Self Imposed Meanings or Interpretations


(Listener Note: This is Episode #4 of this ten-part series by Shelley Stile. To take full advantage of this series, please listen to the episodes in their proper order).

If you are going through a divorce, chances are you’ve heard some negative thoughts running through your head.  Am I good enough?  Was this my Fault? Will I ever find another partner? Many going through a divorce experience these types of thoughts early on during the grief phase and this is quite normal and understandable.  But If you can’t seem to move beyond these thoughts, it’s time to explore them and ask yourself are my feelings and interpretations of my situation really true?  More times than not you’ll discover these thoughts are not your reality but rather the meaning you have attached to them.

In this episode of Divorce Recovery, Shelley Stile shows us how to sort fact from fiction and helps us to see the truth.  By doing this, we empower ourselves to see the reality or our situation and can begin to let go of negative self talk.  Divorce is an opportunity for personal growth and Shelley provides us with tips to feel better mentally and physically during this tough time and helps us to discover our true reality.

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