Washington’s Dysfunctional Marriage


In this episode of The Intelligent Divorce with Dr. Mark Banschick M.D. we discuss the similarities of a dysfunctional marriage and the dysfunction of our federal government.

Like opposing spouses in a bitter divorce, both parties claim the exclusive ability of knowing the “right thing to do.” After all, they “care” more about those in their charge. Each one also wants to get the better of the other, even if it means maligning or making ugly accusations – and, in the end, getting nowhere.

It is part of being human. But in a healthy relationship, whether a good marriage, a reasonable divorce or a functioning Congress, the conflict usually transforms into a collaborative effort rather than a combative one.

Though power struggles are inevitable, they don’t have to be destructive. Granted, it may be easier to be a single parent or to govern as a single party — but it is almost always better to have two points of view.

Like the children caught between two parents in this unpleasant divorce, the American public is left to wonder and to fear the results of this dysfunctional marriage. They see the posturing and feel anxious, but can do little.

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